Nancy Jazz Pulsation and Some Random Walk

So today was a lazy Sunday. Waking up at 9 and feeling hungry, tried to look into the fridge, the cupboard, the cookies bags, and found nothing but some little green apples in the bottom of the fridge. I said why not, better than nothing. I also realized I still have a bottle of milk. So the combination of an apple and milk is pretty weird I believe, but this is what happen when you’ve just paid almost all of your money for the rent and the univ has not transferred your scholarship money since the beginning of your study.

I was still thinking about my thesis choice. Actually I’ve kinda made up my mind to choose Software Define Network (SDN) controller implementation for storage, but the thing is the supervisor is in Russia, and this means that it will be hard for me during the last semester of my study  considering I will only have 45 days to visit Russia, unless I apply for visa. I also fancy another thesis choice which is in Germany but unfortunately the thesis description is not quite clear. But I finally choose I think the one in Russia, because SDN is still new, which means that there are still many area to work on and possibility of establishing a startup in this area.

At 4 pm, I went downtown to visit a jazz festival called Nancy Jazz Pulsation. The festival took place in parc de la pépinière, near place Stanislas. I went there on my own, but while waiting in the tram stop I bumped up with some of my erasmus friends who are also going out for some fresh air the Nancy downtown.

So I got off at the tram stop Point Central, while my friend got off at the next stop. I walked up and open my gps app, to find the Stanislas square. Lots of people there, and the flowers festival is still there since last week. Hmm after some thought, Nancy is a small city, but it has so many events, festival, or something in the Stanislas area which makes it always interesting to visit on the weekend. Below are some pics I took from the square:


20131013_164350 20131013_164407 20131013_164530 20131013_164612

The festival is very good, a lot of people visited this festival. I visited several stages where some bands plays non jazz music I think. The main performance was located inside a covered area. . There are many stands which sells some special product of Lorraine as well and some flea markets.

20131013_16494520131013_170552 20131013_173808 20131013_174517 20131013_175807 20131013_180434 20131013_180711






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