How to get the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Cat. A ?

Firstly, I’d like to share you some of my scholarship hunting stories here. No big deal, just 3 stories, the first one is about connecting the dots, the second one is about disconnecting them, wait a sec what am I doing.. 🙂

So out of the 3 scholarship tries that I made, I made it to one of them which I could say is not the biggest chance for me to win.

So basically if you want to study abroad for free, Erasmus Mundus Cat A is one of the best option you have. It’s a free ride totally.
Now the question is whether there are some tricks or tips I could share to help you guys winning this scholarship? hmm how about below :

1. Makes sure you have a decent GPA.
It doesn’t to be an all A’s grades, just make sure you have good grades on the most related subjects with the field you’re applying.

2. Get a good TOEFL Score
I may be wrong here, but it’s just much better I think if you get a TOEFL at 100,

3. Formulate a nice motivation letter
This is a classical tips but it is quite true that you need to compose a convincing and reasonable motivation letter, detailing your experiences in college, your main idea for doing the master degree, your passion, and plan.

4. Be smart
Every year there seems to be always some new programs in the erasmus mundus scheme. Take the opportunity to apply for this program, as somehow it provides a better chance of being accepted. I think so because a new program will not have as many competitors as some other programs who has been going through a 3 or 4 batch, where the alumni of the program has begun introducing it to their juniors, or the spread of news about the program in online medias, etc. But of course the first rule is to apply to the program which interests you.

5. Try/Apply several different Scholarship (Erasmus or not)
Somehow by applying to other scholarships can greatly enhance your chance you getting a certain scholarship. This is because every time you apply for a certain scholarship, the better you are in preparing the applications, in writing the motivation letter, explaining your experience in CV, and of course this acts as a backup plan. Nothing is ever certain until it happens in this life. But brace yourself though with the possible incoming fail emails from the univs.

6. Make sure you haven’t stayed in Europe for 12 months in the last 5 years or so I forgot.
If you want the €1000 per month, then stick to this rule mate.

7. Pray, pray a lot

I think these are some of my thought on increasing your chance of getting a scholarship.. Bye !!


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